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Nutra Mix ®


The modern world with its gadgets, speeds, employment, the Internet is increasingly offering the consumer to bye online. While adopting modern technologies, we do not forget the importance of real direct communication. When you say what you mean and mean what you say. When agreements end with a handshake instead of a text message.

We produce safe, high quality pet food focused on the health and well-being of pets. You won't find our foods in major pet stores and retail chains because we believe innovation thrives in independent stores where there is real face-to-face communication. Independent pet specialty stores scattered throughout the country are where we advertise our products. We support family owned retailers whose business is passed down from generation to generation. Such a business shows and proves that they are really interested in the health of pets and quality food for them.

Customers mostly shop at local stores. They don't worry about return policies or unfair treatment as they buy from people they've known for years and who treat them like family. Naturally, the efforts of the local store are supported by Nutra Mix and this is a value that our company practices. We maintain close relationships with local farmers from whom we source the highest quality ingredients. This is not only support for the economy of our region, but also confidence in the quality of the supplied raw materials.

A real sense of community has been ingrained in our company, from owner to employee. The hard work that we do in a friendly team is aimed at improving the life of your pets. Since childhood, every employee has pets in the house, so we treat our business with love.